Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Power of Field Trips

          Today, the 7/8th grade students and fellow teachers were able to leave our humble school and attend a baseball field trip. This was much needed after weeks of testing and an increase in behavior escalation incidents. We used it as a reward and 85% of the students were able to attend because they did not receive a refocus at all in a month and completed at least 95% of all of their homework in all classes. It was wonderful to see students smiling, cheerful, and enjoying themselves as we walked about a mile from our school to the baseball stadium in the downtown area. It was a great way to continue building authentic teacher-relationships, have some parents attend as guests, and eat food the kids normally wouldn't be having. Kids were laughing, cheering for a home run, and getting to know each other better. As a teacher, its good to see students making friends with one another and being positive. On our way back, one of my favorite parents got out of her car and slowly approached me with her arms out. She has been battling a severe form of cancer for about a year now. My heart felt heavy and she touched my hand gently and said thank you for having patience with my son and making sure he is okay in school. I was at a loss for words and also remembered how my dad looked when he was also going through cancer. I looked at her and smiled and said it was an honor. In the summer when she was stronger, she drove my student to the library where I held 10 tutoring sessions where we would practice reading and math skills. I am so grateful to collaborate with such inspiring people. It made me remember why I got into teaching. I wanted to make a positive difference for students and families. Today let me get to know our students better and also it gave me the strength to keep persevering and teach another day.

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