Thursday, March 23, 2017

It Feels Like This is Home

Surprises when I'm not looking
They always love my reaction.
Kids constantly rummaging through the fridge
looking for snacks, as if this place was their own home.
Braids in his hair, he doesn't care
I'm inspired by the freedom
It feels like this is home.

Kids rushing back from lunch excited to be in my class
The guys saying," let's just have a guy class and eat the cupcakes!"
Talking about life, the future, and our past.
It suddenly dawns on me that this was a perfect day.
I love my job, the students, and my co-workers.
It feels like this is home.

Teachers spying through the crack of the door
Laughing at me working in my room.
They come in and we talk about Spring Break .
It feels like this is home.

Last meeting at 3:15. We celebrate a student's success.
Exiting from Special Ed. 
Holding back tears in my eyes as I go through my speech of how proud I am.
His smile is brighter than the sun.
It feels like this is home. 

I'm about to walk out my classroom, but turn around.
I look at all the student work, the pictures, and the letters.
I read my favorite one. The one where they proclaim they ran away from me but will make me proud.
The worry is in my head. They will be hard-working and succeed. I Smile and lock the door.
Will I ever find a school like this again? I sent positive vibes and can only pray.
It feels like this is home.