Saturday, January 28, 2017

An Unforeseen Path

 I love to talk and share ideas
 However, today I'm speechless
Where is the love?
Where is the compassion?
Where is the America I thought I knew?
How can one person have so much power in a democracy?

Far away, lives broken 
Refugees' dreams vanish into thin air
Its easy to contemplate with everything I need surrounding me
Don't worry, It's not my life, It's not my family
It's easy to close the door, when your love one isn't the one waiting to get in

Please tell me this nightmare is over
This is not how I thought it was going to be
2017, the future is here
Or so I thought.

The past repeats itself
People compete for power
What can one person do?
What can a crowd do?
What can 1,000 protests do?
I will continue spreading love
I'm thankful that I was adopted from another country
I am thankful that I have opportunities I would have never had!
However, this is not the path I thought we were going.

Spread love, not hate
Connect with people, not divide them
Diversity is beautiful

Leader of the free world?
So easy to terminate with a signature
So easy to let people continue to starve, die, and live without a home when you have no idea what that is like.
How can people be so blind in perspective?
1,000 years from now, if humans still exist, I hope they forgive us for how ignorant and trivial we really can be.
Please America, be what I know you once were

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