Saturday, November 12, 2016


It's been a  long time since I posted a blog. I know I want to keep blogging, but may need to rethink what is the best platform for my thoughts and teaching spirit. So much has happened since I started this blog. I am almost done with my Masters degree in special education and have gained much knowledge. Now, my goal is to use my ocean of knowledge wisely and ensure it is utilized effectively to obtain better academic and personal outcomes for my kids and fellow staff members. In the mists of uncertainty due to the elections, immigration reforms, school reforms, and the complexity of education in 21st century America, I am going to attempt my idea of a poem. My hope is to heal myself and others with inspiration.


           Uncertainty, here and across the vast and dignified lands of America
           Spreading fear, anxiety, and moonlight whispers of apprehension.
           Far-flung bureaucrats plot and scheme the future of others.
           Division arises from the aftermath of progression. 
           Young people, without a say, without a vote, but with a voice rise.

            Rise up! Rise up young men and women as renewal hastens across the horizon.
            Rise up educators, those who tirelessly educate the future despite constraints.
            Demands in a thousand forms assault those who just want to teach.
            Rise up! Those who lead the future will not bend to injustice and ignorant hate;
            United in heart, spirit, and vision, we stand against the tide of the red-stained past
            Diversified boys and girls representing the variance in human beings Rise up!
            Defy unwarranted expectations and embrace your unwavering potential!    
             Rise up! Spread your wings of passion, new-found identity and determination!
              Soar above the smoldering flames of dissension and meet your promise
              You are the future! You are powerful! You are now!
                Rise up courageous children and future leaders of tomorrow!
                Your duty resonates from within the temporal essence of the human spirit
                Acknowledge the awesome power you wield in purity and truth.
                Rise up! The time is now to reveal the Phoenix within.
                Our History must not be repeated, you are the ones you've been waiting for!
                 Rise Up! You are righteous! You are celestial! You are ascending!

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