Monday, March 23, 2015

A Long Thoughtful Day

I started off my morning feeling like death. I suddenly came down with something on Sunday. I could barley walk, had a fever, and my throat was so sore. However, I knew I couldn't miss a day so I forced myself to get out of bed and take my medicine. I got ready for school and opened my door to my new and improved classroom. I stayed at my school till 9pm on Friday to update it and make it as effective and student-friendly as possible. I smiled at my hard work and was happy much of it was behind me now. I started getting organized, had a meeting for a student, and then was getting ready for the day. However, one of my students came in crying. I know this student usually gets upset easily and I asked her what is wrong. The student told me her uncle got arrested and went to jail before she went to school. My heart sank because I know her father has been in and out of prison her whole life.  I found out everyone else was busy that could talk to her. Then, I put on my counselor hat and told her that it's okay to be upset, but not to blame herself. I told her how amazing of a person she is and that she wont be going down the path of her family members. Finally, after about 20 minutes of healthy conversation and building her back up, we go to class together. I just think to myself, so many of our students go through so much. We as educators can't change the lives of our students. We as educators can only support them, love them, and be there for them when times get difficult. Everyday, I see so many students doing fantastic things and I wonder what might be happening in their lives. How can they push through such challenges and arise to educational demands. As soon as  our students get to school we start working and activating pervious knowledge. I guess I learned and am happy I try my best to say, "hello, how are you today" to each of my students before we get started.Today was a long and thoughtful day. I left work around 7pm, last in the building and walking like an old granny. When I reached my car, I just stared into the sky being thankful for what I have and the stability in my life right now.

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